3 Simple Tactics to Remember Anyone’s Name



We have all been there. Ten minutes ago your friend introduces you to his new girlfriend, Kim, or was it Becky? Sarah…..no I think it starts with an R; oh shit, I already forgot her name. 

Now it’s time to introduce her to your partner and you are so fucked. You just met her ten minutes ago and you’re already stumbling to remember her name. This is all too common for so many of us that we feel extremely special when someone does remember our name. Remembering people’s names is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to increasing your influence on others. It costs nothing to remember another persons name, it requires very little effort but it can help you instantly make that person feel special and begin laying a foundation for a solid relationship. 

Use these 3 tactics to remember the names of everyone you meet and instantly have influence over them.

The easiest way to get someone’s name is simple: extend your arm for a handshake and introduce yourself. “Hello, my name is _________, it’s nice to meet you.” Unless they’re deaf, or just crazy they will likely do the same and introduce themselves to you. Great. Now you have their name. The hard part is remembering it the whole time you small talk and chit chat with one another.

Tactic number 1 is called “The Crystal Ball”. The reason I call it this is simple, you will instinctively predict the future. During your introduction, sneak in something along the lines of “I’m good with remembering faces but not so much names, so please forgive me in advance if I ask for it again.” Yes, this is not a tactic for remembering their name per se but it is your safety net in the case that you do forget. It sets the tone that you will more than likely forget their name and have to ask for it again, setting the expectation ahead of time and avoiding the awkwardness of having top ask again. Chances are the other person will laugh and remark with something along the same lines and ask for the same mutual forgiveness. This tactic is a win for both parties because it gives the other person an easy out if they forget your name as well.

Tactic number 2 is simple: repeat it out loud. Make it a point to say their name atleast 5-7 times within the first 15 minutes of talking to them. Not only will they love talking to you because you use it so much, it will force your brain to associate the name and the person and group them together.

Tactic number 3 is called the scapegoat. If you’ve met someone and forgotten their name the easiest way to get it out of them is by introducing them to one of your acquaintances. Be sure to listen in as they introduce themselves with one another to catch their name and hopefully remember it this time. If not they may wonder why you’re introducing them to so many people.


Remembering others names is a simple way to increase our influence and instantly make others feel special.


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