3 Life Lessons From Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is an extraordinary human being. He doesn’t need an introduction because you already know who he is and that fact alone is pretty mind-blowing. Steve Jobs has single handedly changed the way billions of people live. He created the most valuable company and brand ever and will go down in history of the greatest marketer and influencer in modern times. There is so much to learn from Apple and much has been written about the company’s success, I think we often overlook what we can learn from the guy who created the brand. Here are three life lessons we can take from Steve’s existence.

Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Knowledge and Experiences

It’s obvious that Steve Jobs was a genius. The guy was lightyears ahead of people when it comes to technology, design and user experience. He was a master of marketing and sales and created the most valuable computer company of all time without ever writing a single line of code. Steve could talk about everything from technology to religion because he was obsessed with learning and new experiences. After college and in between stints with Atari, Steve would travel to India for several months in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Jobs also reflects on his time taking LSD as one of his most powerful life experiences ever. He didn’t believe in the typical education of sit down, shut up, memorize this and regurgitate it. He was constantly trying new things to expand his mind and experiences. I’m not saying you should drop everything you know and try to become some Zen guru in India, I’m also not saying to trip your fucking balls of because Steve Jobs did and “he was successful”! I am saying to be obsessed with knowledge and experiences. Apple would not exist today if Steve wasn’t willing to try new things and always improve on his knowledge.

Create Your Own Brand

Steve was his own person and was very unapologetic for it. He realized who he was as an individual and did absolutely nothing at all to change it and be a people pleaser. Steve was his own brand. Obviously looking at Apple we know Steve was a branding genius from a business stand point but we seriously overlook how genius he was at branding himself.  In high school he went through a radical change that solidified who he would become as a person. He began to develop a curious interest in literature and the arts, as well as computers and technology, no surprise that Apple is the best of both worlds. Before Apple, Jobs worked for Atari and left a striking impression of the company “Atari’s cofounder Nolan Bushnell later described him as “difficult but valuable”, pointing out that “he was very often the smartest guy in the room, and he would let people know that.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jobs#Homestead_High). Steve also has hundreds of patents in his name for things other people designed because he was such an influential individual. His signature black turtleneck, jeans and New Balance shoes were part of a larger ploy for Jobs to further develop his personal brand. I could go on all day about the genius, minute things Steve Jobs did because he was solidified in who he was. When we think of Steve Jobs we think of a hard working, demanding, perfectionist genius who changed the way every one of us sees the world. Wether you love him or hate him, Steve will be Steve and Steve is completely okay with that.

Be A Gritty Motherfucker

He looked like a nerd, he talked like a nerd and most importantly: Steve Jobs was a fucking nerd. He was known as a loner in high school and had a hard time maintaining good relationships. He was given up for adoption at birth. He did not have it easy by any means, he is truly a self made billionaire and it’s all thanks to his grit. Steve Jobs went through more shit than most people can even fathom and came out on top every single time. He was kicked out of his own company, made a different one, got acquired by Apple, then fucking took Apple over AGAIN! After being kicked out of his own company the dude somehow managed to make his way back and take shit over again. Almost anyone would have given up, Steve pushed through and made it happen and that is remarkable. If you want to be a bold leader like Steve Jobs, you have to go through hell and be willing to keep on going.


Steve Jobs was a bad ass. He was a charming, LSD-dropping nerd who could steal your girlfriend, your friends and probably sell something to your family in the process of ruining your life. There’s so much to be learned from him for business and personal use. He is one of the most inspiring leaders of all time and his life should be a lesson for all of us. Hopefully you can take something from this and pursuit your passion, put your dent in the universe.


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