3 Habits You MUST Have To Become A Millionaire


Habits are a fundamental part of any individuals success. Our habits will determine our future and in order to guarantee success you must first cultivate a good set of habits. The same habits that got you where you are now will not be the same habits that bring your life to the next level. In order to guarantee success we must look at the habits of those who have what we eat and reverse engineer these habits into our own lives. Here are 3 habits you must develop in order to become a millionaire.

1.) Invest Your Money

The wealthy, wether in the US or China all have one common denominator: they put their money to work. Money doesn’t like sitting, the rich don’t let it. Millionaire’s don’t have all their money laying around in a savings account and they sure as hell don’t have it stuffed underneath the mattress. They make money their bitch. They put their money to work for them, not the other way around. No matter how much money you earn you need to get into the habit of putting money away and investing it. Investing could mean in the stock market, back into your own business, in real estate, even educating yourself and taking trainings in your field. Anything that will provide a positive value back into your life is an investment and the rich are always looking for ways to invest their income. If you don’t have money left over to invest you have two options: make more or spend less.

2.) Delegate, delegate, delegate.

The wealthiest and most successful people realize they could never do everything on their own. Anything that doesn’t contribute to their success will be delegated or automated. The house isn’t going to clean itself that’s why they hire a maid. The schedule isn’t going to make itself so they hire a personal assistant. The rich realize their time is better spent on things that bring in money and they hire people to take care of the rest. Your job when delegating is to be the quarterback, you make the calls and you tell your people what to do. By delegating menial tasks you can multiply yourself and get 10x the work done, make 10x the money in 1/10th of the time. It might sound weird but the less you do, the more you earn. Learn to delegate.

3.) Asking For What You Want

This may seem so obvious that you completely throw it to the side but the truth is most people are afraid to ask for what they want. Wether it is a job or a chicks phone number they are afraid to face rejection therefore they don’t even bother to ask. They then proceed to complain about how they never get what they want, or “deserve” and their life is stuck in an infinite loop of mediocrity. Rejection is one of our primal fears as humans and we are hard wired to hate being rejected, unfortunately it is an inadvertent part of success and wealth. You have to be willing to ask in order to receive. Facing the fear of rejection is tough but will go away eventually, once you are more afraid of losing the opportunity than being rejected you will achieve massive success.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. There is nothing wrong with wanting success and recognition. Both are a form of mastery and take time and patience to achieve. They both also require us to have a solid foundation of habits. Allow your habits to build you up, not break you down. There are no directions to take in order to become rich but ensuring you have the right habits will help you speed up the process when you find the way.


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