3 Simple Techniques to Connect With Anyone.



The Glove Technique

0820_cmocio-800x480The Glove is something I use whenever I meet someone new and it is a sure way to instantly win them over. When you put a glove on your hand it doesn’t give any extremity or area special treatment, it consumes the whole hand and each part is equally covered. The Glove technique is all about giving each individual in a group 100% of your attention when meeting/greeting them. By turning your whole body to them and devoting your time and attention to them you have instantly made a good impression on them. The fact that you are surrounded by a group but devoting 100% of your attention to them will make them feel special, even if it is just a 2 minute introduction. Imagine how excited you are when you see your best friend and gift that person with the same attention you would a best friend or family member. By consuming yourself in that individual even if it is for a short period of time they will instantly be intoxicated by your attention and want more of it. This will lead to a solid first impression and plenty of opportunity to continue to connect later on. You can’t practice this technique without being genuinely interested in the person you are talking to. If you are faking it, it will be easy to spot and you will not only look like a fraud you will be one. Flattery is cheap and no one appreciates it. Start the relationship off right by showing the person you are meeting they are the only thing that matters at the moment, not your phone that’s going off, the game on the TV or friends waiting for you to say hi. Everyone you meet can teach you something and add a ton of value to your life so by keeping this in perspective and being grateful for the opportunity to meet them it will be simple to become genuinely interested in connecting.



The Parrot

2bc2945efc514e155149c9cfb9db688aPersonally I’ve never understood why someone would pay thousands of dollars for a bird but for some reason they do. Especially a bird that doesn’t shut the fuck up and shits everywhere. For some reason people still have a weird infatuation with Parrots and try to create conversation with them. “The Parrot” doesn’t mean go out and buy a parrot as a conversation piece or as a way to connect with someone. Granted, you could take that approach and I’m sure it would make for some interesting conversations but I’ll save you the money and time from cleaning up shit and explain what The Parrot technique really is. Parrots have a tendency to repeat the last word you said. If you walk up to a parrot and say “Shit.” chances are it will squeal out “Shit.” right back to you. If it doesn’t you should probably return your parrot and exchange it for an explicit version. The Parrot technique is that simple, if you ever run out of things to say and the conversation is becoming dry just repeat what the person said back to you in the form of a question or statement depending on the context. If you’re talking to someone and they mention “Oh I was watching the Kentucky Derby”, literally, be like “Kentucky Derby?” and chances are they’ll go off on a ten minute rant about what the Kentucky Derby is and turn you into an expert. The Parrot technique is to help you never have to suffer through awkward silence again and can eventually branch off into more stimulating conversation like betting on the Kentucky Derby, because that’s the only cool thing about it.



Extra! Extra! 

news-clip-artSometimes we have to resort to worst case scenario in an introduction or a conversation just to get through it. Worst case scenario being current events. At least once a week get current with what’s going on in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s through Facebook, Twitter, the news channel or even a newspaper. The important thing is just being aware of what’s going on in the world so if you have to pull out the worst case scenario card you can always say “Did you see what Donald Trump did now?”. Yeah it may not be fun to talk about or interest you but listening to someone rant about Donald Trump definitely beats awkward silence and for the most part people have strong opinions on any current event so hear them out and shut the fuck up.

You’re welcome. You are no longer a fucking weirdo and through my awesome techniques you can relate to anyone. Put at least one into practice everyday until it becomes habit and connecting with strangers will be a piece of cake. If you want you can even mention this shitty article you found on WordPress and start a conversation from there. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my newsletter for weekly insider information.


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