Be Hearty in Your Approbation and Lavish in Your Praise

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“Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise” is a concept taken from Dale Carnegies How To Win Friends and Influence People. If you are not familiar with the term “approbation” it means approval or commenon. The concept is fairly simple: people love to feel like they have everyone’s approval
and they are a part of the group. People also love sincere compliments. Being hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise can fulfill both of those human needs. To be hearty in your approbation means to give someone sincere approval and admiration for something they’ve done, cooked, wore, etc. For example if you go out to eat at a nice restaurant and you think the chef did a hell of a job you may ask to speak with him so that you can compliment him on his wonderful meal and tip him. The chef probably loves when this happens. Not only does he know he satisfied the guests of the restaurant, he also gets recognition in front of everyone there and even complimented on how great his cooking skills are. Another example of being hearty in your approbation could be something as sim
ple as complimenting your local barista on how great your coffee or food is whenever he/she specifically is working. The simple fact that you acknowledged a job well done and even said it was good specifically because they were working is enough to make their day and possibly even their week. I can recall multiple times that I got sincere praise for a job well done by some of my clients and it felt better than when they wrote the check or swiped the card. We all need appreciation, we all need praise. Keep this in mind and use it to your advantage to make someone’s day.


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